Republican State Representative Jared Patterson’s bill approved by the Texas House HB 530 – .  Representative Patterson’s forward thinking bill seeks to protect order and preserve peace by allowing district judges and election judges to carry a sidearm at polling places.

“Our elections require security to safeguard our voting laws. By codifying this interpretation into law, Texas will improve enforcement of our future elections, discourage bad actors, and further ensure the safety of Texas voters,” said Representative Patterson.

Previously an opinion by the Texas Attorney General gave rise to a citizen concern brought to Representative Patterson who took action to ensure there is no confusion as to the rights afforded to Texas Judges.

Texas State Representative Jared Patterson District 106, Frisco

Texas has increasingly led the way for the nation in challenging, codifying and ensuring our gun rights are protected and ensuring the restrictions placed by the second amendment to our Constitution on government from infringing on gun rights.  Moving to Texas? –

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