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Garden Sticker Shock – Plan Ahead – Spring 2022

Many gardening patriots have seen this year’s sticker shock on vegetable seedling plants and fertilizer. Fertilizer costs have nearly doubled. Composting is looking more and more desirable to combat the…

Farm and Garden Real Estate

Harvest Time for Sweet Potatoes – 2021

If you like sweet potatoes this article is for you.  Planted on April 16, 2021 and harvested in late July, these sweet potatoes are the Beauregard variety. Of course you…

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Completely Censored and Banned by facebook – The Story

You might ask, why isn’t this website on facebook? On December 10, 2020 facebook decided to permanently ban Brant Meadows, the author of this article, owner of this website, business…

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Defend Your Home – Dale City, Prince William County, Virginia – 2021

  A Dale City homeowner off Glendale Rd in Prince William County Virginia encountered a 43 year old male allegedly attempting to enter his home through the living room window…

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Sgt. Robert M. Dodgen, April 8, 1921- February 22, 1945

The Uncle I Never Knew From the Greatest Generation. Robert Marion Dodgen, Born April 28, 1921 – Died February 22, 1945. Son of Roy Nathaniel Dodgen and Cleo Mabry Dodgen. …

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San Angelo Texas Police Dog ‘Duke’ Retires – April 2021

The San Angelo Texas Police Department celebrated the retirement of Police Dog “Duke” on April 14, 2021.  Duke, a Belgian Malinois, joined the Department in May 2013.  He officially served…

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Texas Law Moves Forward to Allow Judges Firearms at Polling Places

Republican State Representative Jared Patterson’s bill approved by the Texas House HB 530 –  .  Representative Patterson’s forward thinking bill seeks to protect order and preserve peace by allowing…

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Deep South Frost and Freeze – Georgia 2021

It isn’t often you see a freeze or frost past Easter in the deep south but that all changed.  Despite local forecasters predicting little in the way of frost many…

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Second Amendment Real Estate to Join Frank – Free Speech Platform

Congratulations to the newest free speech social media platform Launched April 19, 2021 by the owner of My Pillow,  Mike Lindell. The launch of FRANK anticipated attacks and they…