Dogs, Hunting and Guns – 2021

Loyal Companions And Hunting For centuries humans and dogs have had a unique connection. Those connections are often life long but are particularly unique when hunting. Not only are dogs…

Farm and Garden Second Amendment

Ready Your Victory Garden – 2021

Victory Gardens were called War Gardens originally.  The War garden began in World War I and carried into World War II.   These gardens throughout America were of course in the…

Real Estate Second Amendment

Deferred Maintenance? – Maximize Your Potential – 2021

With record low inventory throughout much of the USA perhaps it’s time to tackle some of those maintenance projects this Spring.  One area that is often neglected is your deck….

Second Amendment

On the Shelf Inventory! 2021

Big shout out to Outdoor Depot, Gainesville Georgia.  Limit 2 but I haven’t seen primer on the shelf in forever.

Real Estate Second Amendment

Connecticut-based gun maker Ruger primes for massive production

“…With Americans arming themselves at a historic rate, Sturm Ruger recorded its biggest year since 2016 while reconnecting a historic gun maker to its Connecticut roots. Ruger revenue jumped 39…

Real Estate

National Housing Inventory Drops Near 1 Million – 2021

Housing Inventory Crisis 2021 Many regions throughout America are in an inventory crisis driving home prices through the roof.  The net result are many would-be home buyers are being sidelined…

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Second Amendment Real Estate Grand Opening 2021

Second Amendment Real Estate is pleased to announce its Grand Opening.  A nationwide real estate referral network of agents that support our Constitution and Second Amendment with the integrity you…

Real Estate Second Amendment

2021 – SCOTUS – Without a Warrant Gun Seizures

The Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments next month to decide if law enforcement has the right to enter a home to seize firearms without a warrant, a move that…