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Garden Sticker Shock – Plan Ahead – Spring 2022

Many gardening patriots have seen this year’s sticker shock on vegetable seedling plants and fertilizer. Fertilizer costs have nearly doubled. Composting is looking more and more desirable to combat the…

Big Tech Censorship Real Estate

National Association of Realtors Outsmart Big Tech – Feds Step In

The decades old real estate commission structure was virtually unfazed by Big Tech and years of trying to break the traditional real estate commission compensation structure.  And in steps the…

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Eviction Nightmare – New York, 1998 – 2021

It’s hard to believe but a Long Island New York man may hold the record for holding off an eviction for 20+ years according to the New York Post. Purchased…

Farm and Garden Second Amendment

Gun and Garden

It’s nearing Springtime in the Southeast and time to plant!   The days are getting longer and the soil is just right to get those seeds going.  The new moon was…

Real Estate Second Amendment

NRA – Business Alliance Member

March 11, 2021 USA Second Amendment Real Estate LLC is pleased to announce our membership in the NRA Business Alliance The NRA Business Alliance established in 1992 supports Second…

Real Estate Second Amendment

Colorado Mandatory Gun Lock While Not In Use

Colorado Legislators – Gun Locks At Home While Not In Use Bill HB21-1106 Introduced February 16, 2021 The bill requires that firearms be rendered useless and stored in a way…

Real Estate Second Amendment

Deferred Maintenance? – Maximize Your Potential – 2021

With record low inventory throughout much of the USA perhaps it’s time to tackle some of those maintenance projects this Spring.  One area that is often neglected is your deck….