Big Tech Censorship First Amendment

Google, Facebook and Twitter – Is It 1984 Ma Bell Again?

It’s a true shame but the Big Tech giants have positioned themselves in the market so completely they have seemingly created the complete Ma Bell monopoly from 1984.  Now we…

Big Tech Censorship First Amendment Real Estate Second Amendment

Second Amendment Real Estate to Join Frank – Free Speech Platform

Congratulations to the newest free speech social media platform Launched April 19, 2021 by the owner of My Pillow,  Mike Lindell. The launch of FRANK anticipated attacks and they…

Big Tech Censorship Real Estate Second Amendment

Big Mountain Marketing LLC – More Than Just a Digital Mountain View

Look behind the ridge of the “Big Mountain” in Georgia and you’ll find Eric Browning, CEO and owner since 2012. Not your typical CEO or digital marketing firm.  Eric is…

Censorship Second Amendment

Fact Checking – ‘It’s Time To Repeal The Second Amendment’ – 2021

Woke Culture Reporting, ‘Neither do we need armed groups to defend us from our fellow citizens, that’s what we have police for’ On March 1, 2021, Bob Henry, authored, ‘It’s…

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On the Shelf Inventory! 2021

Big shout out to Outdoor Depot, Gainesville Georgia.  Limit 2 but I haven’t seen primer on the shelf in forever.

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First Time Gun Shooter

Big Sandy, Tennessee – America – There’s a first time for everything!  Citing the growing violence and the desire to protect her home, this first time shooter overcame a few…

Real Estate Second Amendment

Second Amendment Real Estate Grand Opening 2021

Second Amendment Real Estate is pleased to announce its Grand Opening.  A nationwide real estate referral network of agents that support our Constitution and Second Amendment with the integrity you…

Big Tech Censorship First Amendment

Linux Cell Phones – Viable Alternative? – 2021

“….The rapid progress of Linux smartphone software development has been fascinating to watch, and Linux phones can be a lot of fun to tinker with, which is why I started…

Big Tech Second Amendment

BREAKING: Godaddy dumps GUN site from its servers

It’s being reported by AR15.COM that Amazon partner Godaddy has just deplatformed them, dumping them from its servers: Some people are saying the site is still up, but AR15.COM says…

Big Tech Censorship First Amendment

Amazon shuts down Parler – Parler comes back!

Please Share This!  (updates 3/1/2021) Parler is back!  Amazon Web Services AWS has almost half of the available internet web space.  Amazon shut down Parler social media while leaving vile…