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Farming & Gardening Without A Gun in 2021?

No matter what Mike Bloomberg says it takes more than just scattering a few seeds on the ground and harvesting the bounty – just ask any farmer or gardener.  But…

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On the Shelf Inventory! 2021

Big shout out to Outdoor Depot, Gainesville Georgia.  Limit 2 but I haven’t seen primer on the shelf in forever.

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First Time Gun Shooter

Big Sandy, Tennessee – America – There’s a first time for everything!  Citing the growing violence and the desire to protect her home, this first time shooter overcame a few…

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Connecticut-based gun maker Ruger primes for massive production

“…With Americans arming themselves at a historic rate, Sturm Ruger recorded its biggest year since 2016 while reconnecting a historic gun maker to its Connecticut roots. Ruger revenue jumped 39…

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Gun Control Agenda – 2021 – February

The White House Is Working on Gun Control Agenda “…..White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki opened her daily briefing Thursday by announcing President Biden, Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice and…

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BREAKING: Godaddy dumps GUN site from its servers

It’s being reported by AR15.COM that Amazon partner Godaddy has just deplatformed them, dumping them from its servers: Some people are saying the site is still up, but AR15.COM says…