The AD Council, Brady Against Gun Violence and End Family Fire organization won’t tell you that in other countries where guns are illegal the suicide rates far exceed the suicide rate in the United States.   Nor will these apparent fear mongers tell you that nearly one third of gun suicides are conducted with illegal guns beyond the control of the gun laws.

It is a sad day when the tragedy of suicide hits a family.  But worse is when the fear mongers use suicide as a means to justify the end against guns.   How many people were saved by a gun today?  Plenty but you won’t hear that message.

Gun control and suicide are completely different issues.  Women in the United States who commit suicide choose poisoning before a gun to the head.  And according to the infinite wisdom of the world health organization (WHO)  the country with some of the strictest gun laws (Republic of Korea) have suicide rates twice as high as the United States.

So did the spoons make me fat? Should the spoon manufactures be sued like the gun company manufacturers? Outlaw those spoons now! Save those fat challenged people from certain death because they use spoons. Perhaps the sign should read – HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE DIE DAILY BY SPOON SUICIDE.  Nope, suicide is a mental health issue that involves many complex issues.   The decisions of people to eat unhealthy foods that will cause them certain death is what? Caused by spoons????

Guns don’t shoot people, like a spoon doesn’t make someone fat. People shoot people.

The national suicide hotline is – 1-800-273-8255


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