Congratulations to the newest free speech social media platform  Launched April 19, 2021 by the owner of My Pillow,  Mike Lindell.

The launch of FRANK anticipated attacks and they were ready!!!  Lindell and company are live streaming currently before the site allows members to sign up.  It’s being called a 48 hour FRANK-A-THON.  Currently as of this post over 15 million people are watching live.

Lindell described one of the attacks as a vendor who pulled the plug last Friday but back up plans were in place.  Lindell is hosting several live call ins and it is raw.  Scott Baio and Ted Nugent just to include a few.

Also Lindell reported that My Pillow filed a 1.6 Billion lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems for their assault on My Pillow.

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Second Amendment Real Estate supports free speech, FRANK, the 1st Amendment and our Constitution.  We look forward to becoming active on the new uncensored platform where we can have frank discussions about guns, gun rights, gun laws, gun training, gun ranges, gun stores, gun ammo, NRA, the Second Amendment and defending your home.

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