Woke Culture Reporting, ‘Neither do we need armed groups to defend us from our fellow citizens, that’s what we have police for’

On March 1, 2021, Bob Henry, authored, ‘It’s about time to repeal the second amendment’,  in the Desert Sun newspaper.  His article epitomizes a cancel culture woke idealist crusading against the Second Amendment.

First, anyone who uses words that send their readers to a dictionary is real special to begin with, “Sacrosanct” – (extremely sacred – to important to change).  Yep and he did use that word.   Mr. Henry lists his credentials as an “educator” and former high school teacher.  Thank goodness for the former but here we go on his visions of sugar plums.

In his article Henry cites the ‘idea that this document could be added to and changed as circumstances of our country changed – this applies to the right to bear arms’.  The document he refers to of course is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  He fantasizes with his all knowing worldlyisms about the beliefs of the “writers” of the Constitution and Bill of Rights as to what was intended and not intended.  Never mind the FACT the revolution had just taken place as to what our forefathers were thinking.

Henry pontificates that the State Militia has been replaced and have become our NATIONAL GUARD.   When did the FACTUAL meaning of words State and National merge?  And this guy teaches?  OMG, how do you respond to this?  I guess all you guys enrolled in a State Militia are just wrong.  The FACT is that the National Guard is an arm of the Federal Government and therefore can NOT serve as protection against itself.

Finally, this hater of freedom and liberty announces that “we do not need weapons to defend ourselves from our government as long as we take our duties as citizens seriously; we are the government.  Neither do we need armed groups to defend us from our fellow citizens. That’s what we have police for”.   What are the duties the citizens should take seriously?  Serious duties like the acceptance of censorship, election fraud, corruption and outlawing guns.

I’m pretty sure Mr. Henry has never seen the barrel of a gun pointing at him from an armed intruder.  But just in case, Mr. Henry you be sure to call the police when and if it happens.  Don’t look for your neighbors (armed groups) to assist you in any way.

If you can stomach it,  here is the link.



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