Victory Gardens were called War Gardens originally.  The War garden began in World War I and carried into World War II.   These gardens throughout America were of course in the country but often sprang up in urban and city areas in order to assist with the overall war effort.

We are just a few short days until spring for farmers and gardeners in the USA.  For many of us the call to annually raise a Victory Garden just makes good sense.  But that is changing.

After watching the run on basics such as toilet paper in 2020 many others seem to realize that our food chain isn’t fool proof.   Believe it or not 2020 we saw shortages of mason jars and canning equipment.  One moonshiner commented that he couldn’t find jars for his craft because of all the new gardeners canning their bounty.

Farming and gardening are intertwined into the American fabric just like apple pie, mother, motorcycles, fast cars, moonshine, football, guns, independence, freedom and liberty.  Are you planning to grow your Victory Garden in 2021?

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Authored by Brant Meadows, Broker,


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