It may not be a big surprise that health care workers top the list of ethical and honest professions but there are a few interesting and noteworthy items in the most recent polling data by Gallup.

According to December 2020 polling data the biggest net differences between Republican and Democrat respondents on rating professions for honesty and ethics came in the professions of police officers and journalists.  Republicans gave the highest rating to nurses but gave second place to police officers for ethics and honesty.  Republicans rated journalist at the bottom of the heap just slightly outdone by members of Congress for their low honesty and ethics rating.

Democrats polled on ethics and honesty gave the highest rating to medical professionals but were far kinder to journalist and far less kind to rating police officers than Republicans.

Not surprising that both parties polled agree that the lowest rated profession is —-  Members of CONGRESS!!!

And those pesky real estate agents are presumed to be lumped in the advertising, salespeople or business executive categories all rated just slightly above members of Congress and journalists.

The entire poll and data can be found at

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