You’d think from watching main stream media the most important problem today would be guns.  Nope, not even close.

According to Gallup polls from March of 2021.  Corona virus and economics lead the list.   More gun control is barely even mentioned (1%)  by participants as a concern.  And that has been the trend.  It just isn’t on the minds of the United States population.

Perhaps the next poll should ask about the government restricting citizens despite the second amendment.  But even with the maligned questioning that starts with, ‘thinking about mass shootings…do you think…?’ the respondents still don’t won’t more gun restrictions or more gun control.

So once again it is the media that hypes a shooting as another reason to take guns from law abiding citizens.  Luckily the media isn’t excluded from polling.  The media currently rates as one of the lowest trusted professions.  Imagine that?

Here is the full report from Gallup polls:

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