The Uncle I Never Knew From the Greatest Generation.

Robert Marion Dodgen, Born April 28, 1921 – Died February 22, 1945. Son of Roy Nathaniel Dodgen and Cleo Mabry Dodgen.  Siblings: Ollie Mabry Dodgen WWII (1919-2007), Charlie Head Dodgen WWII (1923-2013), John Dorsey Dodgen and Carolyn Dodgen Meadows.

Sgt Robert M. Dodgen and nine soldiers were shot down over Germany in World War II.   Reports were that their B-24 Liberator Bomber from 5th Army Air Corp 752 Bomber Squadron crashed after the aircraft was hit by enemy fire. One parachute at low level was seen opening.  Sgt. Dodgen was the tail gunner.  Initially reported missing in action the entire crew of 10 soldiers were eventually listed as killed in action.

Buried on U.S. sovereign soil in Lorraine cemetery St. Avold France alongside their fallen soldiers.  Sgt. Dodgen’s mother (Cleo) often thought he might one day return home until she visited his grave years later and no longer wondered or worried about it anymore as told by her youngest son Dorsey.  His other two brothers,  Ollie and Charlie survived WWII but during the war had told Sgt. Dodgen they did’t think it was a good idea to join the new Army Air Corp when they all had a chance meeting during war in Hawaii.  Prior to volunteering for the Army Air Corp Sgt. Dodgen trained soldiers in Indiana to command tanks.

Sgt. Dodgen was received the Purple Heart, a Citation of Honor and a letter from President Truman.  His effects were returned home which included a picture of his much younger only sister, Carolyn.

Memorial day 2021 would be the 100th birthday year of Sgt Robert M. Dodgen.  I am proud of the legacy of freedom, courage and integrity that my Uncle and other soldiers fought for in World War II.

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  • Millie Hallow

    Brant, This is so special. I am so glad you were able to do this…..I have never seen a picture before, and now i think i see the Dodgen family resemblance. Many blessings for your family values and your patriotism.

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