If you were looking for the ladies powder room at Panama City Beach this one might catch you off guard.  But this Powder Room is all about guns.

Opened in December 2020, The Powder Room, offers 14 indoor shooting lanes.   Owned by the St. Joe Company, (JOE – NYSE)  The Powder Room is part of an impressive portfolio of land development including the division of club properties.  The club properties include 2 golf courses and 2 marinas along with the Powder Room indoor gun range.

General Manager of the Powder Room, Joseph “Joe” Preston, explained in an interview that the origins of the Powder Room name came from the beginnings traced back to the Dupont family.  The Dupont Company manufactured – gun powder back in the day.  The name is derived from the roots of a company that would one day spin off into the St. Joe Company.

Attribute: www.powderroompcb.com

Training, retail store, group outings, certifications and memberships are part of a full array of services offered at The Powder Room.  On your next trip to the PC beach area be sure to “pack” and include a trip to The Powder Room.

The Powder Room is located off Panama City Beach Parkway and Griffin Blvd.  Address 106 Griffin Boulevard
Panama City Beach, FL 32461 Website link  https://www.powderroompcb.com/home

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