Water Leak Damage In Your Home?

Many of us have experienced the horror of water leaks and the resulting damage.  Of course leaks happen when you aren’t at home or on a Sunday when plumbers don’t come cheap.  And then there is dealing with the insurance company, the inconvenience and the mess of it all.  Finally an easy and inexpensive solution.

For less than $250 you can equip your home with the latest in leak detection technology.  From a number of stores and online suppliers you can find quality leak detectors that will alert you via apps when you have a leak.  Once a leak is detected then you’ll need to dispatch someone to shut off the water.  And while some water may spill its far better than returning from the weekend trip with inches of water in your home.

Pictured – Smart Water Sensor for under $30 at Walmart

For a few extra dollars you can combine the leak detector with a whole house shut off device for the water supply line.  The achilles heal of these products is they are powered by either battery or electricity.  It’s not often the water line breaks and power goes off simultaneously but if conditions warrant then I’d stay close by.

For a small investment you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll not return home to find it raining inside.

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