If you like sweet potatoes this article is for you.  Planted on April 16, 2021 and harvested in late July, these sweet potatoes are the Beauregard variety.

Of course you can always bake a sweet potato but look at this delicious sweet potato pie and unbelievable melt in your mouth candied yams.  These dishes are true southern favorites.

Sweet potatoes take about ninety days to maturity.  They are part of the yam family and not a traditional potato.  They love warmer dry weather and produce typically 2 nice sized ones and several smaller ones.

Lifting the potatoes out of the ground can be done by hand or with a pitch fork carefully digging down around the outside edge of the growing area and carefully lifting up.  When the ends of the plant begin to brown you are ready to harvest.

You can grow sweet potatoes in a large planter but they love to run in a garden.  Perhaps it is time find the right property to grow your dream garden.   Contact us to find an agent nationwide that supports the second amendment and our Constitution.


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