It’s nearing Springtime in the Southeast and time to plant!   The days are getting longer and the soil is just right to get those seeds going.  The new moon was on March 13th and a full moon on the 28th for those of you who watch such things.  Farmers Almanac is predicting temperatures one degree above average with 2″ above average rainfall in the southeast.

What will you plant this year?  Red and Yukon Gold potato plants, red cabbage, collards and cauliflower are planted in this southeastern garden and protected by the Second Amendment.

Even if you are limited in space consider a deck or patio garden.  If that isn’t enough room perhaps its time to seek a home with enough land for a garden.  Always check with local ordinances or community guidelines that could restrict gardens or the discharging of firearms often necessary to protect your garden.  However many gardeners like myself will use versions of coyote urine to deter deer. But if you find yourself where wild hogs exist you may need to consider traps or lethal methods to protect your hard work.

Be sure to amend your soil with compost, manure, woods dirt, fertilizers or other suitable materials to ensure a healthy and productive garden.  If you are unsure about the condition of your soil consider having it tested at a county extension office.

Here’s to a productive garden in 2021!

This article was authored by Brant Meadows, Broker, Second Amendment Real Estate LLC.  A nationwide real estate referral network.  Integrity you expect from agents that support the Second Amendment and our Constitution.


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