It’s a true shame but the Big Tech giants have positioned themselves in the market so completely they have seemingly created the complete Ma Bell monopoly from 1984.  Now we learn that Ohio is pursuing lawsuits aimed at the big tech giant Google claiming it is a utility.

Google would appear to be a utility in every since of the word.  The domination of Google and other big tech giants rival the oil, steel and railroad pursuits over a century ago by the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Vanderbilt empires.  And in the end the antitrust, cartels and monopoly’s over the years seemingly reach the same fate.

Currently 48 states and districts except Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and South Dakota are pursuing Facebook for a variety of issues.  The lawsuits and government eyes continue to peer in the door at Big Tech without much luck in the U.S.  Poland, Australia, Thailand and others have taken an aggressive stances with Poland arming with 2.2 million dollar fines for activities related to censorship by Facebook.  Maybe Poland has learned a thing or two over the years and past century.

Arbitrary decisions by Facebook against the owner of Second Amendment Real Estate resulted in a permanent ban for posting a government video in Coffee County, Georgia in November of 2020.  It was the first, last and only alleged violation of community standards according to Facebook.  No appeal, no review and their decision was final.  This was an attempt to limit those that Facebook disagrees with.  President Trump at least gets a review in 2 years.

Here is the link to the Coffee County Video at Rumble Part 1

Part 2 –


By limiting and banning certain people of the public from an app, website or software that is utilized as a utility just like the old Ma Bell Phone book sure seems like censorship.  Consider that many government municipalities use Facebook as their primary means of communication should be a concern for both the government and Facebook if access by the public is truly a concern.  And imagine Ma Bell just giving you one page of the phone book to operate on but that’s what shadow banning is all about.   And then add to the mix a collection of businesses that act together in concert to effect the demise to limit companies or individuals.  That is called a cartel by the way.

This destructive path of censorship by Big Tech must end.  Antitrust, monopoly’s and Cartels are all ILLEGAL.  And in the balance we risk it all as the assault on elections, the first amendment, second amendment and the rest of our Constitution continues.


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