Milledgeville, Georgia

Georgia in the news again? Georgia State Legislators vote to ban all concealed handguns except flintlock pistols.  No reason was cited for the ban but Georgia did not have a right to bear arms protection included in its Constitution.  All the other States had protection similar to the Second Amendment provided in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Don’t worry there’s no need to march on the Georgia Capitol.  This law was deemed to be unconstitutional by the Georgia Supreme Court in 1845 Nunn Vs Georgia

Nunn successfully argued that the Georgia law was a violation of the Second Amendment.

It wasn’t until 1877 when the Georgia Capitol had moved to Atlanta that the State legislators included a right to bear arms amendment to the State Constitution.  Nunn vs Georgia has been cited many times in gun rights legal battles including Heller versus the District of Columbia.

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