Many gardening patriots have seen this year’s sticker shock on vegetable seedling plants and fertilizer. Fertilizer costs have nearly doubled. Composting is looking more and more desirable to combat the rising costs for a small garden. One small cabbage plant $4.48 that produces a cabbage of only about 2 pounds. Considering cabbage is still one of the most affordable grocery store items it begins to force the idea of growing your own plants from seed.

Planting from seeds can reduce the costs to less the $0.20 per plant. Not a bad investment. Of course there is the effort to plant and nurture the seeds to the garden. In the cover photo you see several cool weather seedlings that are ready for planting that include cauliflower, kale, red cabbage and onions.

Natural peat pellets can be used for many of your favorites that may need up to 6-8 weeks of growth before the last frost prior to planting.

Strawberries, oregano, hot peppers, zucchini, cat nip, lemon balm, basil, cucumber, watermelon and cantaloupes getting ready. Nearly 430 plants valued at over $2,000.

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