Loyal Companions And Hunting

For centuries humans and dogs have had a unique connection. Those connections are often life long but are particularly unique when hunting.

Not only are dogs loyal companions while hunting but they are willing to jump into ice cold water or run through thick brush to retrieve your game. Imagine hunting without those hounds or pointers sniffing out the rabbit holes or pointing to the covey of birds.
I remember as a child our beloved Bassett hound. Boy oh boy if “General” got onto the scent of a raccoon or possum – look out. I can still hear the howl from what seemed like miles away.
Labrador Retrievers, English Pointers, German Shorthair Pointers, English Setters all make great hunting dogs. But my favorite – the beagle. What’s your favorite?
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Authored by Brant Meadows, Broker – Second Amendment Real Estate

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