With record low inventory throughout much of the USA perhaps it’s time to tackle some of those maintenance projects this Spring.  One area that is often neglected is your deck.

On more than one occasion I’ve seen home buyers no sooner in the front door they head out the back door to the deck.  Not surprising since many people love spending time outside especially now more than ever with corona virus.  While not officially square footage your outdoor deck can give the illusion of a bigger house.

A well maintained deck can potentially make the difference to maximizing your eventual financial return.  Sometimes simply replacing a deck board and a gallon of exterior stain can suffice.  However, decks have a life expectancy and eventually the call is to replace.

Don’t be surprised to find sticker shock when pricing out repairs.  Lumber prices have soared.  One 12 foot pressure treated deck board can run you upwards of $15 depending on your part of the country.

Eventually the market will ease and homes will reenter the inventory.  Will your home be ready to compete? Make your move in 2021.

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