Grandchild Hatches Plan To Rob Grandparent

March 4, 2021 – Escambia County, Florida

Just before 4 am the granddaughter allegedly executed her plan with 5 others to rob her own grandparent according to the Sheriff’s Office report from Escambia County, Florida (Pensacola).  Well that didn’t stop the grandparent from shooting one of the suspects as they fled like scared rats.

As the suspects fled in multiple vehicles one of the vehicles wrecked as a result of the gun shot wound. The assailants in their wrecked ride were picked up by their fellow accomplices.  Fearing death of their wounded com-padre was eminent the group dropped off the gun shot assailant at the local hospital where Escambia County’s finest made contact.  Currently 5 of the six are under arrest.

Escambia County, Florida appears to have freedom, liberty and peace loving patriots ready to defend their homes.  Good for them.  Florida is a castle doctrine state also known as stand your ground that protects homeowners from armed home invasions.  Pensacola Indoor Shooting Range is nearby –


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