Two against one but that didn’t matter.  Of course an armed homeowner has a way of evening the odds.  East Moss Point, MS officers arrived on the scene to find one of the alleged intruders laying dead in the street of a gun shot wound delivered by a homeowner defending their home.

Upon investigation the officers determined that the intruder and accomplice approached a home and allegedly attempted an armed home invasion according to an East Moss Point police report.

The homeowner was injured by gun fire by the armed assailants.  The injuries to the homeowner were not life threatening and the homeowner was able to return to the home they defended.

Near interstate 10, East Moss Point is situated along the gulf coast just outside Pascagoula, MS bounded by Beardslee, Robertson and O’Leary lakes.  Apparently there are law abiding armed homeowners ready to defend their homes in East Moss Point, MS.  Good for them.

Guns and Ammo can be purchased at 3422 Main St, Moss Point, MS 39563,

And also nearby is Montys Outdoors, Pascagoula MS  –

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