It isn’t often you see a freeze or frost past Easter in the deep south but that all changed.  Despite local forecasters predicting little in the way of frost many saw freezing temps and heavy frost in west Georgia.

Deep South Freeze and Frost

With dew points near 29 degrees, enough humidity to matter and temps at freezing the calm clear night produced plenty of heavy frost.  Many gardeners and farmers took action.   Meadows Garden at Dodgen Farm utilized containers to cover the smaller and tender plants.  But for the over 85 red Pontiac and Yukon gold potatoes, hundreds of red and sweet onions, collards and others got a water spray that was successful at protecting the hard work.

Protective Water Spray

The water spray method provides several benefits.  The condensation of the applied water generates heat and allows the heat of the soil to be emitted more efficiently.  Then the coating of ice protects the plant from damage that happens below freezing and insulates the plant – often without damage as was the case here.  Of course you can’t keep up this process long without water logging your garden.  Luckily this was a one night event so hopefully this is it for cold weather.

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