You might ask, why isn’t this website on facebook? On December 10, 2020 facebook decided to permanently ban Brant Meadows, the author of this article, owner of this website, business owner, real estate broker, father, christian, conservative, gun toter and active participant in our governance.   Here is my story of what appears to be censorship, arbitrary decision making, restraint of trade, defamation, discriminatory actions and elimination from participating in the very public process on facebook.

On that cold day in December 2020 the squad at facebook pulled the plug.  What caused facebook to do this to someone who had ZERO prior violations of “community standards” is bewildering.  For posting a single government video I received my first, last and only violation notice for which I was permanently banned. Every post and picture I ever made on facebook – deleted.  That video was from Coffee County, Georgia of the election supervisor showing government officials the adjudication process for electronic voting machines.

Here is the link to the video I posted: part 1

Here is part 2

The video is widely available on the internet and has been rebroadcast many times as revealed through internet searches.

The video in question was shared by me on four facebook groups I belonged to in succession as depicted on the screen shot below.  One of the sites I was an administrator.  This was the only notice I received prior to the permanent ban.  From this only notice for allegedly going against community standards and 27 minutes later I was notified that the decision had been reviewed, couldn’t be reversed and therefore was final.

But then facebook doubled down and notified administrators of at least one of the groups where my post was made that “Brant Meadows’s post goes against our Community Standards on dangerous individuals and organizations”. This screen shot was sent from one of the group administrators who texted to me that I should, “sue them for 200 million” for this and it reminded him of Beijing.  Facebook went on to report to the administrator that there was, “False information in your group” by a member that put the group at risk.   You’d have to ask, what was false about the video? Absolutely nothing was false.  The government video speaks for itself.

Of course I appealed the decision and submitted an ID as shown by the screen shot below.  And just a few moments later facebook had made their decision again and confirmed it.

But then I learned about the arbitrary nature of the facebook decision from another social media platform where some people got facebook suspensions of various lengths for posting the exact same video.

What was the result of this arbitrary permanent ban by facebook?   I have lost access to countless business and personal contacts exclusive to facebook.  I am unable to access my business account.  I am unable to access a health related support group.  I am unable to see many government notices that choose to exclusively use facebook.  I am unable to adequately compete against other businesses.

Does this sound like restraint of trade and withholding vital services?  Was I targeted?  Does facebook censor?  Are these violations of the First Amendment?  Should section 230 be revoked?  Should facebook be broken up like Ma Bell in the 80’s?  Does facebook participate in selective enforcement and favoring a particular class of people?

Feel free to share this anywhere – even facebook.

Tell your story at where you can also donate to a class action lawsuit against facebook and Big tech.


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