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Google, Facebook and Twitter – Is It 1984 Ma Bell Again?

It’s a true shame but the Big Tech giants have positioned themselves in the market so completely they have seemingly created the complete Ma Bell monopoly from 1984.  Now we…

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Memorial Day 2021 – Sgt. Robert M. Dodgen, 1921-1945

The Uncle I Never Knew From the Greatest Generation. Robert Marion Dodgen, Born April 28, 1921 – Died February 22, 1945. Son of Roy Nathaniel Dodgen and Cleo Mabry Dodgen. …

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Second Amendment Real Estate to Join Frank – Free Speech Platform

Congratulations to the newest free speech social media platform Launched April 19, 2021 by the owner of My Pillow,  Mike Lindell. The launch of FRANK anticipated attacks and they…

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Professions, Ethics and Honesty – Gallup Polls

It may not be a big surprise that health care workers top the list of ethical and honest professions but there are a few interesting and noteworthy items in the…

Big Tech Censorship First Amendment

Linux Cell Phones – Viable Alternative? – 2021

“….The rapid progress of Linux smartphone software development has been fascinating to watch, and Linux phones can be a lot of fun to tinker with, which is why I started…

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Attorney Loses 2nd Appeal to Try St. Louis Couple for Defending Home with Guns
Big Tech Censorship First Amendment

Amazon shuts down Parler – Parler comes back!

Please Share This!  (updates 3/1/2021) Parler is back!  Amazon Web Services AWS has almost half of the available internet web space.  Amazon shut down Parler social media while leaving vile…