Look behind the ridge of the “Big Mountain” in Georgia and you’ll find Eric Browning, CEO and owner since 2012. Not your typical CEO or digital marketing firm.  Eric is a savvy veteran IT guy that knows his way around the digital world and then some.

It seems rare these days to find much in the way of value.  Of course complaining is easy, but when you find a keeper it seems appropriate to let others know where it came from.  And as such, Second Amendment Real Estate LLC Latest News is featuring this article on our digital marketing firm – Big Mountain Marketing LLC.

Big Mountain Marketing means business and is willing to back their customers.  When we asked to be digitally protected, Big Mountain knew what to do to ensure our digital lights don’t go dim because some big tech giant flips a switch.

CEO Browning, a former University of Central Florida scholarship football player, MIS and Computer Science graduate, in his bio proudly says he likes guns, beards, trucks and BBQ.  When he isn’t busy with his avocation or hobbies you’ll find him active with his local VFW.

A native southerner from Birmingham, Alabama – son of a nurse mom and career marine father, Eric was raised right and knows the value of a day’s work.  When was the last time you said that about someone?

Take a look around our website.  I am proud of our website and logo that were designed by Big Mountain Marketing.  The discussion based design of our website was absolutely without a doubt the key to success.  Of course Big Mountain goes way beyond the basics mentioned here.  Analytics and strategy’s are definitely a specialty.

You can find Eric and Big Mountain Marketing located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains and on the internet at  https://bigmtnmarketing.com/

This article authored by Brant Meadows, Broker, https://secondamendmentrealestate.com/LLC – A nationwide real estate referral network. Integrity you expect from agents that support the Second Amendment and our Constitution – Make your move in 2021!



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